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Meet Google’s New Smart Displays

written by Dominic Gomez January 12, 2018
Smart display screen with speaker

Google has made it fairly apparent, they want to go toe-to-toe with Amazon. They started with the smart speaker, the Google Home, and now the smart display. Google drew a very clear-cut line in the sand when they pulled YouTube from the Echo Show. I honestly thought they were just being jerks, turns out they were being much more diabolical. The Google smart display will support YouTube (obviously, I mean they own YouTube).

More Options

JBL smart display with speakers

As of this writing, if you want a smart display at all your only choice is Amazon. That is literally your only choice. If you want an Alexa enabled smart display it is going to be made by Amazon. When the smart display with Google Assistant built in is launched you will get four to choose from JBL Link View, Lenovo Smart Display (8″ and 10″), LG ThinQ View WK9, and one made by Sony. They all have the potential to set themselves apart from the others. JBL should have fairly good audio, Lenovo and LG should have the better display, Sony will probably have decent audio with an emphasis on bass. This is all speculation on my part, just going with what each company does better than the other.

LG Smart Display on shelf

They have their place

There are a lot of households that have a smart speaker (I have three). They are very handy to have in a pinch. When my son was a baby and up at 3 am crying to no end the only thing that would calm him down was the Rat Pack. Something about Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra just soothed that kid. This was about seven years ago, do you know how much easier those nights would have been had I just been able to say ‘Hey Google, play some Frank Sinatra?’

Want to learn a new recipe? Just ask. It’ll show you the ingredients and walk you thru putting them all together. Want to check out that new Deadpool trailer? Make a chimi-f***ing-changa and just ask…

Will you get a smart display? What do you think about this need for us to make everything smart? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your opinion.

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