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Meet Twintelle: Nintendo Switch Character With Weaponized Hair

written by Quinzel Lee May 30, 2017
Twintelle using hair as guns

Perhaps one of the most exciting and controversial characters in the Nintendo Switch upcoming game, Arms, is Twintelle. While this character may not seem ready for battle, her hair is actually weaponized. This has created mixed reactions with fans.

Most fans took to Twitter and showed their appreciation for Twintelle after Nintendo announced the character.

However, not everyone was happy about the new character and her ability to beat her opponents using her hair. The website Mic featured an opinion article that had a different view on the character. “The thing is, hair like mine is often weaponized in real life, too.” The author, Tayna Depass, says “It’s been made illegal to wear as it grows, been feared and politicized to the point of having job offers rescinded because the wearer has locks instead of chemically straightened hair, or been checked while going through airport security without a legitimate reason. Games and media seeing my hair differently as a person of color is nothing new. What’s particularly strange here is how this specific fighting method is limited to the only brown character in the game. All the other fighters in Arms have spring-loaded arms for weapons, including the other female fighters we’ve seen so far. So why does the brown girl have to use her hair as a weapon? Why can’t our hair be depicted accurately in video games or included in character customization options? Why do we get so few choices when it comes to being brown in games? And who at Nintendo thought this was actually OK?”

Arms is set to be available for Nintendo Switch consoles on June 16, 2017. So the wait won’t be much longer.

Twintelle drinking tea

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this character? Or do you find the fact that her hair being weaponized offensive? Let us know in the comments below.

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