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Get Your Mega Busters Ready! Mega Man 11 Is Coming!

written by Logan Brklacic June 7, 2018
Mega Man stands in the lower left corner at the start of a level. Mega Man 11 is written across the screen.

Our popular digital Blue Bomber is back with a new game! Mega Man 11 is set to come out on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch October 2, 2018. The platformer features traditional Mega Man action, with some new tech upgrades. This title will include something being dubbed the Double Gear System, which should fit in nicely with his slide ability, charge shot, and robot canine companion Rush.

The Double Gear system invented by the Mega Man universe bad guy behind everything Dr. Wiley. The new system upgrades gives Mega Man the power to slow time, and overcharge his Mega Buster shots. These abilities will be available to players from the start of the Mega Man 11, which could be beneficial to get through some tough areas. You can use these new abilities whenever you want, but only one at a time. Also, over-use will cause Mega Man to overheat, and we all know what happens to computers when they overheat. Of course once he has cooled down the abilities can be used again. The pre-order trailer shows two in game Robot Masters, Fuse Man and Block Man. Fuse Man is of electric affinity, while Block Man is rock affinity. The trailer uses these two boss fights to show off the Double Gear System.

Mega Man runs across blocks in front of a background depicting a pyramid

Mega Man fighting his way through Block Man’s area.

Block Man’s area hosts pits and falling objects, as well as enemies you will have to avoid or blast your way through. The area has a rocky texture, which makes sense as the boss is really really into rocks. When you make it through to Block Man, he throws rocks at a steady rhythm, but will reach a breaking point putting you between a Block (Man) and a hard place. See what I did there?!?! The trailer shows Block Man transforming into a much much larger version of himself, with what looks like a visible weak point right in the middle of his new form. Obviously the trailer shows the best strategy is the overcharged buster shot, but that’s clearly only part of the battle. They don’t want to give too much away. Beat Block Man and gain the ability to use the Robot Master’s weapon: Block Dropper.

Fuse Man’s area is electrified. While Block Man’s area had pits and falls, Fuse Man’s has many dangers of high voltage beams and floors. Fuse Man is a speedy little digital blip and zaps around his boss room throwing out electricity. Hmm, super fast boss zipping around the room? What could possibly be the best option here? The slow time gear would work wonders here and the trailer shows it put to good use. The is also a built in emergency feature of Double Gear. If Mega Man reaches critical health he can unleash the Double Gear Technique, allowing him to use both gears at once. But make it count, because this will weaken Mega Man and put the gear on a cool down period. Defeating Fuse Man grants the Robot Master weapon: Scramble Thunder.

Mega Man jumps to avoid a lighting ball being thrown at him by Fuse Man

Mega Man fighting Fuse Man

The Double Gear system is set up to give all players a wide array of tools to use while bring peace to the world. Mega Man 11 also hosts varying difficulty levels for those new to platform games or for veterans looking for their best challenge yet.

Check out the pre-order trailer below:

I personally am still waiting for my own Net Navi like the ones from the Mega Man NT Warrior cartoon! Are you excited for this new Mega Man 11 Game? Let us know in the comments.

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