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Mega Man finally gets the Funko Pop treatment!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 9, 2016
It's Funko

It's a Mega Man Funko

The Blue Bomber is seeing somewhat of a resurgence lately. He’s getting a new, albeit odd looking, animated series, he has a spiritual successor of a video game coming soon in Mighty No 9 and now, now he’s getting his own series of Funko Pops.

It's a Rush Funko Pop

Funko Pops are the collectible to have if you’re any type of a collector. Sure, some geeks don’t go for them but most of are like me and the rest of team DHTG in going ape shit crazy over them. Most of us are also big Mega Man fans as well so knowing that there’s going to be Pops coming down the pipe of him is amazing.

It's Funko

The initial line of Funko Mega Man Pops will be Mega Man, Rush, Proto Man and the reason Mega Man is even necessary, Dr Wily. Gamestop is also home of exclusive Firestorm and Ice Slasher Pops as well. Maybe if enough peeps buy into this line, we could see some of the classic bosses or MM variants of bosses. Maybe even see Mega Man X? Zero any body? For that matter Sigma? There’s such a rich history from the franchise that Pops could be made for years.

It's a screen of Mega Man pops

I’m telling you right now I want to score me a Mega Man and Rush duo so hard, I can’t wait. Unfortunately I have to, as Funko won’t ship these bad boys until August which is way too long to wait.

It's a Wily Pop

What do you geeks think? Going to go to Gamestop and put in your pre order? I am because Mega Man + Funko = my paycheck! Would any of you be agreeable to an extended line of awesome Mega Man Pops? Besides myself of course. Charge up and blast the comments below.

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