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‘Metal Gear Survive’ Microtransactions Force You to Pay for Saves

written by Tyler February 22, 2018
Metal Gear Survive action, showing killing zombies

Well, everyone was worried about Hideo Kojima getting fired from the Metal Gear franchise, and it looks like those worries may be validated.  Now that the first sans-Kojima entry in the Metal Gear series has been released, it looks like some of Konami’s monetization practices and “business sense” may just rub some players the wrong way. To some, they may seem archaic for Metal Gear Survive.

See, Kojima was reportedly fired for spending too much money on development and not having enough business sense. Rumour was that Kojima took a salary and no bonuses for sales, e.g. if the game sells well, Kojima doesn’t see more dollars on his paycheck. Konami saw this, and clearly wanted to inject monetization into a beloved franchise that never saw microtransactions before. My guess? Konami and Kojima parted ways due to disagreements over Konami’s struggle to make more money.

Metal Gear Survive's microtransactions and premium currency

Thus, it appears they’ve gone full blast in the first Metal Gear entry since Kojima left. Full blast, as in not being self-aware as a developer to think that no one will care if they charge $10 for a new game save. Let me explain. If someone wants to start a new character (a new game save) in Metal Gear Survive, they will have to pay 1,000 SV coins (the in-game premium currency). SV coins are purchased with real-world money, and the equivalent of 1,000 SV coins is $10 USD, minimum.

It’s not absolutely unheard of for microtransactions in this vein in the MMO space, but the controversy surrounding this game’s release already paints a dreary picture. I’m not going to sit here and trash a developer, but when you have an EULA that states you cannot date fellow players in real life, something is amiss. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough if these types of issues detract players from even trying Metal Gear Survive.

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