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Michelle Rodriguez to be the Next Green Lantern?

written by April Carvelli February 25, 2015


Recent reports had Tyrese Gibson of the Fast and Furious chain really wanting to play John Stewart’s version of Green Lantern, but rumors are now circulating about another Fast and Furious Cast member getting the role.

It seems that Michelle Rodriguez may be wearing the ring in the next appearance of Green Lantern. This makes some sense as anyone can be a lantern as the ring chooses them and it would take them far away from the last Green Lantern movie.

All of the Green Lanterns from Earth have been male; Alan Scot, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz. All have been male except for one, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, the daughter of Alan Scot who, for a short while, became known as Jade.

Another female Green Lantern that a lot are talking about is Jessica Cruz, but I don’t see her as the correct choice for a Green Lantern in the upcoming movies because she isn’t from Earth. At least she isn’t from our Earth, she is from Earth 3. She has a ring from a Multiverse Earth and her ring operates off of fear rather than willpower. Bringing Jessica in as a Green Lantern will destroy what Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps has come to represent for many.

Most seem to favor Cruz because the timing of her creation seemed to coincide with the creation of the DC movie run. I don’t think that is enough of a basis to bring a totally foreign Green Lantern into the Universe. It’s enough of a sidestep to make it female and I think they will either go with Jade or create someone totally new.

What do you think?


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