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Microsoft announces backwards compatibility on Xbox One!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 15, 2015

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If there’s anything more requested for the Xbox One than backwards compatibility, I don’t know what it could possibly be. Thanks to an E3 mic drop by Microsoft, owners of the current gen console will soon get a chance to play their beloved Xbox 360 games on it.

It’s pretty cool how they’re doing it too. If you bought any Xbox 360 game digitally, it will be available for you to download on your spiffy new Xbox One. Bought it retail, physical? Pop that disc in the console and download it from Microsoft. No convoluted hoops to jump through, no bull to wade through.

The best part? Developers don’t have to do anything tricky like there was with OG Xbox to Xbox 360 BC. All developers have to do is approve the game to Microsoft and that’s it. Presto Chango we got a backwards compatible game.

When is it coming? We were told this holiday season with Preview Program members getting their hands on the short list of games starting now. Sure it’s a long time to wait but it’s worth it. I have a phat stack of Xbox 360 games to finish in my backlog but don’t feel like hooking my 360 back up.

So what say you geeks? Cool as all get out or what? What games would you like to see get the backwards compatibility treatment? Hit up them comments!

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