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Microsoft dishes out rad Iron Man Xbox One! VIDEO

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 28, 2016
It's an Xbox One

Look, cool bundles for consoles are just a fact of life in this stage of their existence. Cool bundles almost always include a sweet custom machine that you can’t just pick up off the shelf. I get why the hardware manufacturers do it and all it does is feed my tech lust. But what doesn’t help is when they do something like make a Xbox One look like an extension of Tony Stark himself, Iron Man!

It's an Xbox One

The slick looking Xbox One is gleaming white like a special edition before it but the top plate, that top plate is what sets it apart. Alleged to be designed by Iron Man in the Redmond facilities, the arc reactor inspired top glows and shines like a beacon in the night. Also, that front is slick. It has curves, not the straight angles and edges of the regular One. Not to leave their fingerprints just on the machine, the controller got itself a tiny makeover with a teeny arc reactor in place of the guide button.

By now you are ready to pre-order, yes? I know I am. I am so willing to sell a kidney for it if need be. Well here’s where we get kicked in the teeth, as of right now it’s not for sale or pre-order. That’s right, Microsoft didn’t build this Xbox One with the genius of Iron Man to sell, oh no! They plan on giving it away! Three of them to be precise, over on their French Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

While I wish I could buy myself one of them, in a way I’m kinda glad I can’t. I don’t need another Xbox One taking up space in my Geek Cave. But man oh man! What about you geeks? If you could, would you? Blast the comments and be heard.

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