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50 Of Microsoft’s E3’s Major Surprise Announcements Here!

written by Tyler June 10, 2018
Microsoft's Phil Spencer

Greetings geeks! E3 is underway, and the next big major press conference came from Microsoft. Phil Spencer presenting the majority of announcements, and we’ve covered them all in an easy-to-read bullet point format. Read on and get excited!

  • Microsoft’s first announcement, Halo Infinite, was fairly impressive. Riding on the ‘slipspace engine’, head of
    Xbox Phil Spencer presented the trailer.
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps was first up in exclusives, showing off new gameplay. I’m so excited for this one.
  • The world premiere for From Software’s new title, Sekiro. Looks like crouching tiger version of Dark Souls.
  • Bethesda’s Todd Howard came on stage briefly to discuss Fallout’s relationship with GamePass as well as the world’s first look at Fallout 76. Apparently being a prequel, West Virginia’s wasteland will apparently be 4 times the size of Fallout 4.┬áPreorders opening June 15th in the Microsoft Xbox store. No details regarding multiplayer, gameplay, etc.
  • A Microsoft world premiere for Dontnod Entertainment’s new story in the Life Is Strange universe, coming to the Xbox store in June 26th. It’s title: The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit. Best part? It’s 100% free.
  • After that, a video for a Microsoft exclusive Crackdown 3 was shown in quite a silly humorous trailer featuring what sounded like Terry Crews. and explosive action.
  • After that, a release for Nier Automata’s Become As Gods edition for June 26th was revealed.
  • Metro Exodus showed gameplay of a new level, Volga. Showing as still playing as the previous 2 titles’ Artyom, Metro Exodus showed some weapon customization, open world shenanigans, varied weather, and a multitude of environments and monsters. February 22, 2019 shown as a release date.
  • Back to Phil Spencer, who presents Kingdom Hearts gameplay for the first time, noting that it will look best on Xbox One. Woohoo!
  • Sea Of Thieves expansion showed new stories and experiences for 2 new pieces of DLC.
  • Following this, some narrative teaser was shown for Battlefield V.
  • An exclusive world premiere after that for Forza Horizon 4 detailed some pretty cards and prettier environments.
  • Playground Games came on stage to discuss Forza Horizon 4 and revealed Oct 2 2018 as a release date.
  • Phil Spencer returns onstage to discuss new studios they’ve acquired, as well as a new trailer for We Happy Few, with a new release date in August of this year.
  • Following that trailer, a new trailer for PUBG showing its new map releasing winter 2018.

Halo Infinite, coming from Microsoft

  • Tales of Vesperia was shown for a definitive edition.
  • Division 2 was shown shortly thereafter with a gameplay showing coop, which was somewhat less cringy than Division 1′s showing, but this one is set in Washington DC with Air Force 1 and showing the US capitol building.
  • Xbox GamePass had a presentation discussing new improvements to its technology with ‘FastStart’ launching in June. Announcing Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online available in 4K on Xbox One X.
  • A multitude of indie titles were shown one after the other, showcasing ID@xbox. Nothing new.
  • Square Enix then showed a trailer for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.
  • Crea-ture studios came out after showing a skateboard game called Session.. just a trailer, no information.
  • Black Desert Online then showed a trailer.
  • Capcom showed a trailer for Devil May Cry 5.
  • Cuphead DLC trailer for release in 2019.
  • Zelda-feeling type of game was shown, Tunic. It looked like all sorts of charming. apparently created by a single Canadian.
  • Bandai Namco’s team showed a world premiere of a new IP. Dragonball Z = looking game JumpForce with a 2019 release date.
  • After, a world premiere for Dying Light 2, showing some gameplay. Then Chris Avellone came onstage to discuss further. He promises more parkour, more brutal melee combat, and more terrifying night-time. Their hook apparently is that the world changes around you by your decisions with real consequences.
  • Battletoads was also announced for a 2019 release.
  • Just Cause 4 showed a new trailer, brand new world reveal. showing story, gameplay and more of Rico. Dec 4 release date. They showed more wing-suiting and explosions.
  • A Gears Of War and POP figure crossover mashup was shown. Gears of War 5 announced, showing a female protagonist.
  • Phil Spencer comes on to close out the Microsoft press conference. 50 games, 18 exclusives, 15 world premieres.

Get ready for another awesome E3 press conference, coming from Bethesda at 930PM EST tonight! We’ll have all your E3 coverage for that once their’s is over! Stay tuned!

What do you geeks think about Microsoft’s announcements? Any titles you’re excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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