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Microsoft’s New Accessible Xbox Controller Leaked

written by Logan Brklacic May 17, 2018
The hall used by Xbox for their E3 2017 conference. The audience is bathed in green light, Xbox's signature color

The new Xbox controller for people with accessibility needs gets leaked before it’s intended big reveal. It was already known that Microsoft was working on this controller, but now we get out first look at the controller itself.  With its sleek and slim design, Microsoft is making gaming a reality for everyone.

Microsoft has been championing the causes for inclusion and accessibility for years. In fact, on April 8, 2018 Microsoft received the American Foundation for the Blind’s prestigious Helen Keller Achievement Award alongside Facebook, and activist Haben Girma. This award honors the legacy of Helen Keller. Microsoft’s CEO,  Satya Nadella explains the company’s role as providing the tools that others will use to create technology that helps others to do more. An example of this would be ‘The Seeing AI’ app. The app will “perceive” the environment and narrates back what it sees like actions, text, ages, expressions and more. This app was developed by Microsoft developer Saquib Shaikh, who is also blind.

Photo of Xbox One's rumored accessible controller.

Xbox One accessible controller

The Xbox controller is slim and has symbols along the top that are grooved which probably indicate all the functions of the controller. This will help gamers that prefer touch over sight to program the controller. It also features two large “A” and “B” buttons. These are probably programmable as for their functions based on each person’s desired use. It appears to have a three LED light indicator, presumably for battery life to know when the controller needs recharging.  Also, the controller hosts the standard Xbox logo home button, a D-pad, and the view and menu buttons. It has a USB port on the side, likely for the charger cable, as well as a headphone jack.

Not much information is known for the full functionality of this new accessible Xbox One controller. It is possible it could be revealed during E3 2018 which is this June 12-14 and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Do you have any speculations on the controller’s functions? Any critiques on the design? Let us know in the comments.

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