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Check Out the Midseason Premiere Trailer for The Flash

written by Jake Tanner December 23, 2016
The Flash and Jay Garrick look ready for a fight

The Flash

The Flash Returns January 24th

Barry Allen just can’t win. He went back and saved his parents, causing the Flashpoint timeline. After he reset that timeline, it opened up a whole new world of problems…literally. He is now locked into battle with the Speed God Savitar and, you know, he knows when the love of his life is going to die as he accidentally traveled into the future and saw it with his own eyes. Barry and company will return on January 24th, 2017, and it looks like things are going to get worse before they get any better. Check out the new trailer for the midseason premiere below:


I can’t wait! The Flash has been consistently one of the best shows on TV. I love that the show is a ton of fun, but can also hit you right in the feels. It looks like this season will keep in line with that perfectly. It also looks like we’re going to be seeing another of Barry’s rogue’s when the show returns. You can clearly see a news report stating his name within the teaser. I think the show has done a great job introducing rogues sporadically throughout the series. I can’t wait to see Gorilla Grodd return with rumors that we’ll see Gorilla City this season. H.R. has even teased Gorilla City once or twice within the show.

What do you think of the new trailer for The Flash? Are there any rogues you’d like to see? I can’t wait for the show to come back, it is easily one of my top three favorite on-going shows on television. Do you guys have any theories on what will happen during the second half of this season? I’d love to hear them, so join in on the conversation in the comments below!

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