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Mighty No.9 Releases June 21st!

written by Branden H May 2, 2016
Beck from Mighty No. 9

Keiji Inafune has finally given us a release date for Mega Man’s spiritual successor Mighty No.9 and that the game has gone gold. It’s now in the final stages of prep before being delivered.

The story behind Mighty No.9 will sound surprisingly familiar to anyone who has been a long time fan of the Mega Man series. In the Year 20XX Beck is the 9th in a line of robots designed to compete in duels in the Battle Colosseum and is the only one spared from a mysterious virus that is causing the mechanized robots of the world to go crazy.

It would not be a stretch to say that the game is a carbon copy of the famed Mega Man formula, especially the X series, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Mega Man goodness for all to see but there are some good changes here. The small orbs you see above Beck’s head represent the games power up system. These orbs can only be picked up by the dash ability and each does something different. Green orbs recharge your health, blue increases your speed, and red powers up your attacks but these orbs drop randomly from defeated foes so you will have to be smart to utilize the system well.

The double jump is also gone so players will need to rely on a mixture of dash and jump in order to clear the larger gaps that appear. These game play changes keep the ideas fresh along with several game modes to keep you playing for some time to come including a Single Player Challenge Mode, Boss Rush Mode, as well as Hyper, Hard and Manic difficulty modes. The list goes on but that is some of the big ones and you can compete with a buddy in an online race battle, where you race through the stages together to see who is faster, or you can do play co-op through a dozen missions as well.

Kenji Inafune launched Mighty no. 9 as a Kickstarter and has definitely hit a few bumps in the road but it looks like people are finally going to get their hands on his labor of love. You will be able to pick it up for Xbox One and PS4 but I have saved the bad news for last.

Kenji announced that the portable versions for the Vita and 3DS will follow at a later point, but he did not say when.

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