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Minecraft gets Virtual with VR

written by Branden H April 28, 2016
Guy wearing a Gear VR grabbing a pork chop

Have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Edge? Maybe a Note 5? Add the S6 and S6 Edge to that list too and you have got all of the devices that work with Mojang’s new Gear VR-compatible version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition. The team over at Mojang studios announced today that the version is up on the Oculus Store now, it costs the same as the current edition and has cross play with the other editions of the game.  You will need a compatible bluetooth controller but chances are if you have the Gear-VR, you already have that.

The Gear VR, for those who are not in the know, might be considered the poor man’s Oculus Rift because of it’s great entry price point. It’s only 99 dollars over at their site and fits all the phones I listed above but that does not mean it lacks features.  One of the best features of it, according to some, is the Virtual theater function that lets you watch your movies on a theater sized scale. Add to that a growing library of games along with this latest one and you’ve got a heck of a good experience. All powered by the same technology that is making up the Oculus Rift.

Check out the trailer below.

What you are seeing at the beginning of the trailer is the Virtual Living Room, a feature that players can use if they need a break from full immersion within a simulated lounge. What you cannot see going on in the trailer that exists in this VR edition is the enhanced turn tuning that make the character move in snappy motions. According to Mojang it is a bit jarring but it ends up being easier on the brain and possibly the stomach. They also tweaked the controls  so that you head steers where you are going but the best improvement is the cursor now sticks to the blocks you are working on so you can look around while chopping way.

You can read more about it over at Mojang’s VR page.

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