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Let’s Talk About The Mini-SNES We’ll (Most Likely) See This Holiday.

written by Jason Marcano April 20, 2017
SNES Master Sword

While Nintendo has everyone still scrambling to obtain a NES Classic Edition, rumors are already surfacing on the next hot Holiday item from the Big-N. According to Eurogamer, the people who correctly leaked news about the Switch, their “sources” tell them a Mini-SNES console is in the works for the 2017 holiday season. Making a SNES Classic Edition is the next logical, and predictable, step in Nintendo’s quest to take all our monies. Fueled by possibly even more nostalgia than the NES, the Mini-SNES has the potential to be an even more elusive item then its little brother.


Released in 1991, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or Super Famicom as it’s know in Japan, was the follow up to the NES. While the original Nintendo Entertainment System birthed classics like Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Metroid and Zelda, the SNES brought all these series to their pinnacles. Things like “Mode 7” and the implementation of “FX Chip,” made the SNES standout from competition like Sega’s Master System. The SNES was the start of something new for the home console world, and if Nintendo had kept the system’s momentum going, the videogame landscape may have turned out differently. But, my buddy David already covered Nintendo’s business choices, so I won’t rehash that here. No, instead I want to talk about what matters; the games.

While there isn’t an official word on the Mini-SNES, it’s safe to assume that it is coming. So I want to make a reasonable list of games that should be on the console. While we all hope Nintendo has learned from the debacle of the NES Classic’s launch and post release support, well, you know what they say about hope: “Hope in one hand…” To that end, to the games.

The 30 Games That Should be on the MINI-SNES

Going off the assumption that it will follow the standard set by the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic will more than likely be home to 30 classic games as well. While the Super Nintendo is a console lousy with classics and game changers, it’s unrealistic to assume that we’ll get a system with the hundred plus must have titles. So, this list tries to break it down to the essentials in no particular order.

The first two are obvious enough. These two genre defining, first party classics are shoe-ins for inclusion. Nintendo would be stupid not to put these two on the system.

1.Super Mario World

2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

SNES Yoshi Fuzzy

Yes, that’s a lot of RPGs, but they’re all different enough to warrant a spot on the Mini-SNES. Earthboud is arguably essential, while the others on the list are crucial, Nintendo’s own modern, quirky RPG changed what Westerners thought of when those three letters were smushed together.

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

4. Earthbound

5. Final Fantasy VI

6. Final Fantasy IV

7. Chrono Trigger

8. Super Mario RPG

9. Secret of Mana

SNES Earthboud Zombie

Capcom had a strong presence on the SNES, but these are the three games that matter. The Megaman X series started the Blue Bomber’s transformation. X2 was the pinnacle for the series and hasn’t been matched yet. Street Fighter II saw plenty of versions release on the SNES, it doesn’t have to be, but Turbo is the one I perfected my Hadoukens on.

10. Megaman X 2

11. Megaman X

12. Street Fighter II: Turbo Edition

SNES Mega Man X2

If anyone was going to beat Nintendo at the platformer game, it was Rare with their Donkey Kong Country series. DKC and its superior sequel are two games Nintendo would be remiss to not include. Plus the soundtracks to these two are legendary.

13. Donkey Kong Country 1

14. Donkey Kong Country 2

The Mini-SNES needs multiplayer, and what better way to give us something to play with our buddies like racers, fighters, and co-op shoot ’em ups or brawlers? You may question the inclusion of  Stunt Race FX, but even now I’m impressed by what Nintendo was able to produce with their little “Super FX Chip.”

15. Mario Kart

16. Stunt Race FX

17. F-Zero

18. Pilot Wings

19. TMNT: Turtles in Time

20. Contra III

21. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

22. Super Double Dragon

23. Zombies Ate my Neighbors

24. Tetris & Dr. Mario


The rest are fun single player romps that are as entertaining as they are timeless. Super Metroid is the obvious star of this section, but the rest are equally as great. From slaying vampires, to jumping on lizards and bashing them with your giant head, these games are begging to be experienced by a new generation.

25. Super Metroid

26. Kirby Super Star

27. Star Fox

28. Super Castlevania IV

29. Castlevania Dracula X

30. Super Bonk

SNES Dracula X

What do you want to see on the Mini-SNES?

As of now, the Mini-SNES is but a rumor. Albeit one that is almost a guarantee, but a rumor nonetheless. Also, this list is far from official, and mostly represents what would think of as an ideal compilation. I’m sure you geeks have other ideas, and we want to hear them. Let us know what games you would want to see on the hypothetical Mini-SNES in the comments below, and stick with us as we’ll be sure to let you know when this thing is officially announced and where you’ll be able to (hopefully) pick one up.

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