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MMA fighter Andrew Tate takes on anime fans, makes biggest mistake ever

written by Alex Lopez October 1, 2017

While most Mixed Martial Artists are pretty down to earth, there are always a few rotten ones in the bunch. Andrew Tate (I’ve never heard of him and I follow MMA petty close) is one such rotten apple. Not long ago, this fine, upstanding gentleman (eye roll) declared that depression is not real. Recently, he has decided to go after older anime fans. Despite that, other fighters and one anime streaming service came to the rescue.

Tate fired off a series of tweets at older anime fans, calling them losers and saying that women have no respect for them. He made sure to point out that he is referring specifically about anime. Although he says other cartoons, like South Park, are cool. Tate even tried to tie his previous statements about depression to anime fans. He stated that the same people who were upset about his depression tweets are the same upset about his comments about anime. His tweet said that “depressed losers love anime”.

Andrew Tate

After the tweets, anime fans went on the attack. One notable replay cam from Funimation, one of the biggest anime companies in the world. Their reply, seen below, garnered over 12,000 retweets and over 26,000 likes. Even UFC fighter Ben “10” Nguyen came to the defense of anime fans. “Damn, sucks being top 10 in the world for @UFC and enjoying anime. I’m such a loser.” Although Tate angered a lot of anime fans, it was good to see many fans stand up against the bullying. Bullying, especially online bullying, is a major problem these days. While many people think it’s all fun and games, bullying does affect people everyday. It is good to see people stand up for each other though. Even in a world full of trolls, there are still good people left in the world.

Maybe Tate is just mad that the UFC hasn’t called him yet. Or ever.

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