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Modders find way to hack NES Mini because why not

written by Alex Lopez January 9, 2017

Well, who didn’t see this one coming? Only a couple of short months ago, the NES Mini released and immediately flew off the shelves. Stores had a hard time keeping them in stock and online prices were outrageous! People everywhere couldn’t wait to dive into childhood all over again. With all of the popularity, there is one slight problem. The system only comes with 30 games and no way to add more. Until now, that is.

A hacker in Russia has discovered a way to add more games onto the NES Mini, although it is not the easiest way. In the subreddit NESClassicmods, there is a link that will take you to the English translated version of the hacker’s method. All you need is a PC and a micro-USB cable. Sounds simple enough, right? Just don’t fry your console in the process.

Adding new games to the NES Mini requires you to basically alter the files on the console before adding them back in. The process itself takes a bit of work and can be a bit complicated and maybe even a bit illegal, depending on which ROMs you download. You could also compromise the system and end up wasting $60. There is no confirmation about which ROMs will and won’t work, so try different ones at your own risk. However, there does not seem to be an issue with how many games you can add on.

There is no word from Nintendo about the hack, but I can imagine that they will not take this laying down. Nintendo doesn’t typically like their properties being used out of their control. I’m sure that Nintendo is already looking into ways to stop this from happening with future consoles, and maybe even finding ways to stop the modding on current consoles. If you are looking into modding your NES Mini, you might want to jump on it before Nintendo puts and end to it.

What do you think, geeks? Will any of you be trying this?

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