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Monster the Board Game Overtakes Kickstarter Goal in 2 Hours

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson November 30, 2016
Monster 1.5 board/pieces

Monster 1.5 board/pieces

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 has rocked popular funding website Kickstarter this week! In the first two hours of its campaign it reached its $100,000 goal. The current pledges are over 5.5 million and still rising just five days after the project launched on November 24th.

What’s all the buzz about? Monster 1.5 is a survival horror board game which is a new release of Monster. Another release was drafted just a few months after the original game concept was funded on Kickstarter.  The release was last December, and the game sold out in just six months. Monster was designed for the smaller fan following it had during the first Kickstarter campaign. Only 4,000 games exist to date. Due to the popularity of the Kickstarter project it is safe to expect Monster 1.5 will have larger scale production. The support of this Kickstarter project is on its way to rivaling any other project in the site’s history.

The game design is for those who like a challenge and revel in complexity. The goal of the game is survival, to hunt monsters, and to settle and create a settlement. Blending campaign style gameplay, fantasy, and horror it truly is unlike any other game on the market. I have not been able to get my hands on the original Monster, but watching gameplay has me intrigued for the new edition. The movement, equipment, and campaign style missions remind me of the non-roleplay aspect of D&D. The monsters, survival horror, and complexity remind me of Arkham Horror. The mini-figs allow for a more immersive game-play experience than Arkham Horror, but are less individualized than a character in a D&D campaign typically is.

All in all, the ideas behind the gameplay and lore are fascinating. Give some campaign videos like the one below a watch and check out the Kickstarter page to watch the funding grow and grow! In addition to the release of the game, there are rewards that can funders can unlock! Yesterday the game hit the 5.2 million dollar funding mark. The reward is a new expansion Nightmare Ram which introduces a new monster to fight. There is also a new game feature gambler’s chest which includes new swag for the game, and pin-up mini-figs to bring some steam to the survival horror scene.

The project is still about 15 million dollars from Kickstarter’s highest ever campaign. There is still time to go fund! The game comes out January 7th of next year, sounds like a great late x-mas gift. Will you fund Monster 1.5 or play it once it releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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