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Moogles Have Descended Upon Final Fantasy XV 

written by Jason Marcano October 26, 2016

Since Final Fantasy XV‘s announcement and subsequent delays, Square Enix has been releasing a deluge of information like Leviathan induced tsunamis. At this point, it’s hard to imagine that Final Fantasy XV has anything left to surprise us with. Yet, Square Enix has peeled back another layer and revealed a fan favorite’s return.

We’ve seen Chocobos, Behemoths, Cactuars, and crystals; all staples of the Final Fantasy series. Now, another member of the Final Fantasy family has emerged: Moogles.

Moogles in Final Fantasy and its many spin-offs have seen their functions and jobs change as the story needed. From Mail-Moogles to Dancing party members,  Moogles have done it all. In Final Fantasy XV, while they still have their signature pom-poms, the Moogles aren’t exactly real.

In the world of Eos, Moogles are charms. Stuffed animals that bring their bearers luck and protection. In the video above you can see at least one of the functions this cuddly stuffed companion. It’s almost sad to watch it get pummeled, but I can’t help but giggle.

In Final Fantasy XV, Moogle dolls can be used as decoys in the heat of battle. Noctis will toss the fluffy toy into a crowd of enemies, drawing their attention away from the party. The Moogle dolls appear to be quite resilient as well. Moogles can survive a hail of bullets or being mauled by enemies.

The dolls won’t distract every enemy however. In the video you can see that Behemoths won’t give two Gil about some limp toy tossed their way. It’s safe to assume that this decoy trick won’t work on bosses either. But, if you need a breather, or just want to wrangle up a group of Goblins for a devastating AOE spell, then the Moogle plush is what you’ll turn to.


Geeks, Final Fantasy XV is just one short month away. Square Enix seems to be at the end of their surprise reveals at this point. They have to be. If not, rest assured we will cover it.

Are you glad Moogles made a return in Final Fantasy XV? Would you have rather seen them presented differently? Let us know in the comments how you feel about all things Moogle and Final Fantasy.

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