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The Motorola Razr is relaunching!

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 20, 2016
Motorola Razr relaunch

Motorola's Razr is making a comeback

Do you remember how badly we all wanted a Motorola Razr? It was the phone to have! I hate to admit that I wanted one. All the elite popular kids managed to acquire one, but my parents didn’t even think I needed my own phone. They were right. It still didn’t stop me from lusting after the pinnacle of slim cellular phone technology. It was so thin!

The legendary phone is being built up for a relaunch by Motorola’s new owner, Lenovo, 12 years after the Razr’s original heyday. Now, as I’ve already commented, these phones was the epitome of cellphone technology back when 30-somethings like me were in high school (that’s senior school for my fellow Brits). Why are they making a comeback? Do they think there’s a big enough market among the diehard flip-phone fans to be able to simply re-release the classic? Or are they redesigning the Razr to be at a least semi-smart Android device?

Lenovo‘s Tech World show on June 9th will unveil the details. It’s likely that whatever else Lenovo plans to show off will be dwarfed by the attention that the Razr relaunch will get. Damnit I still want one.

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