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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord reveal

written by Dustin S August 8, 2015



I was first introduced to Mount & Blade my Sophomore year attending university by my room mate ,and class mate, in 2009. We were both history buffs seeking our history degrees. He had known about Mount & Blade for some time, but I had not. I immediately fell in love with it. Mount & Blade is as close to a medieval mercenary/bandit/duke/duchess/king/usurper simulator we have at the moment. As such, I’ve spent over 3000 hours in the game since I first started playing the series.

Developed by TaleWorlds and published by Paradox Interactive, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the 6th Mount & Blade game to be published, however, a few are more than┬ájust expansions. Since its first iteration with Mount & Blade, TaleWorlds has always created a game with open modding, and I’m sure Bannerlord will be no different. At Gamescom TaleWorlds revealed the first trailer for Bannerlord.

Not only is the game engine upgraded with much better textures and animations, siege weapons have been implemented, which will really help flesh out the sieges of castles and cities. While walking through the streets of towns, NPC’s will be present adding a sense of liveliness to the towns. Board games in taverns can help create a distraction from your adventures as a mercenary. One of the larger changes seems to be the in-game item crafting where players can craft weapons to their own specifications, for it seems a hefty amount of gold.┬áThe over world gameplay seems to be mostly unchanged, with the exception of the UI and combat as well except for the much better animations. The character creator has seen an overhaul as well with new ways to customize your medieval hero. Inventory management has been redone and the ability to upgrade your companions equipment is now easier than ever.

Since its announcement, this is the most new information that has been dropped about Bannerlord by TaleWorlds. Still, no word on when its release will be but none of the other iterations ever mentioned a release until much closer to the actual date. I’m hoping it is rather soon though, I can’t wait to try out the improved engine and new features of Bannerlord and join my fellow Swadians in their war against the Nords.

In all seriousness, I highly recommend the Mount & Blade series. It is available on Steam as well as through the TaleWorlds official website. Warband, With Fire and Sword, and Viking Conquest all offer something a bit different while keeping the core game intact. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had PC gaming as well as easily the most time I’ve spent.


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