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Movie Buff and Maniac – Card Games for Movie Lovers

written by Jason Marcano January 30, 2017
Movie Buff

It seems like every time I turned around at PAX South I bumped into another new card game. Be it a spin on Cards Against Humanity, or some new complex RPG, the card games were out in full force. Earlier this week, a day before PAX started, I got my hands on Golden Bell Entertainment‘s Movie Buff.

Movie Buff

The amount of fun you can have with Movie Buff solely depends on how many films you have seen and how well you remember them. You’ll only have to buy one pack ever to enjoy this game as each new movie you watch is more knowledge for the game. You are the expansion pack. Unlike a lot of card games coming out, Movie Buff is simple to learn and you and your friends will be able to get the fun started almost as soon as you open the pack. You can purchase it here from Amazon.

Movie Buff isn’t the only card game Golden Bell is making, Robert Gross, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, let us in on an upcoming card game that I’m honestly more excited to play than Movie Buff. The name of the game is Maniac, and it’s all about classic horror films. The box the game comes in even looks like a worn out VHS case. It’s brilliant. Robert seemed very proud of Maniac while showing me how it played, and he should be. It looks like a blast and I can’t wait to try it out with my friends.

Movie Buff Maniac

In Maniac, everyone plays an old school slasher film killer. As the titular maniac you want to have the highest body count out of the other players. In the middle of the table you lay down victim cards including a special “final girl” card. Each player takes turns dispatching the victims one by one until the only one left is the “final girl,” more on her later. Each victim is assigned a point value and the maniac with the highest score at the end of the round or “film” wins. There are three  rounds in all making a trilogy – like all good horror movies are.

But, Maniac isn’t all about killing, there is strategy involved as well. You’ll have to think like a killer to win this game. Players will have cards, “plot twist,” they can play in order to help victims escape for the sequel or put other conditions on the table. Why would you want to help save a clueless cheerleader you ask;  It’s simple, so someone else can’t kill them and you can in the sequel.

As for the final girl, when all other victims have been slain or have escaped it’s time to go after her, and just like in the films she’ll be the hardest to kill and she may even make it through the whole trilogy. There are conditions to killing the final girl that the other victims don’t have, such as having to have both a mask and a better murder weapon, meaning you’ll have to work for those extra points. If a whole round goes by and none of the maniacs meet the special conditions, the “final girl” moves onto the sequel.

You can find Movie Buff  on indigogo or Kickstarter where you can secure your copy which should be available by February. As for Maniac, we’ll get more info on it soon as it’s release date draws closer which will be later this year. You geeks check out the video below to see how simple Movie Buff is to jump into. If you’re a movie lover you won’t regret picking this up!

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