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Mr. Monopoly Advances to Broadway in “Monopoly the Musical”

written by Jason Marcano June 20, 2016

Hasbro, the toy company that brought us Transformers, Battleship, and the ones responsible for bringing joy to “Chewbacca Mom,” have announced a partnership with The Araca Group. The Araca group is working to bring one of Hasbro’s most popular creations to life on Broadway. No, they aren’t doing a musical adaptation of “Candy Land,” that would make too much sense. Instead The Araca Group, co-producers of the hit play “Wicked,” have elected to mine into the deep, rich lore of Monopoly and give us “Monopoly the Musical!”


The Araca group does plan on delving into Hasbro’s extensive library for other toy-to-stage adaptations (those announcements expected in the coming months). Their plans to start with Monopoly however, are a little baffling to say the least. Much like the announcement of the Tetris movie, the thoughts of what could possibly happen in a musical based on this game are hard to imagine.

Will it be a play in which the Monopoly man twirls his mustache while laughing manically from his penthouse suite on Boardwalk? Taking over the slums of Baltic Avenue all to put up a lot of cheap, by the hour motels?

Will it be a family drama about a seemingly perfect family that unravels at the seams, exposing all manner of skeletons in their closets, over an argument about controversial “house rules?”

One can only imagine what exactly “Monopoly the Musical” will be about. Nonetheless The Araca Group and Hasbro must see some hidden potential in that old blue board.


The popular property trading game has been around since 1903 and has been branded with everything from Star Wars to Nintendo . Monopoly has been a tradition on many family game nights for a very long time. Perhaps some interesting Monopoly stories do exist.

We’ll have to wait for any additional information however as The Araca Group and Hasbro estimate the premiere to be three to four years away and no cast or crew decisions have been made.

So what do you geeks think? Are companies going too far by trying to bring board games to the stage and screen? What could a Monopoly musical really be about?

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