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Music To My Ears: 5 Geeky Vinyls You Can Buy Right Now.

written by Gareth Holton June 12, 2017
Stranger things cover image

As we mentioned in a previous article thanks to a retro revolution, vinyl records are back in a big bad way. It has seen such a resurgence in popularity, that for many, it’s now the go-to preference for owning physical copies of new tunes. And with us all being geeks, you’ll find there are quite a few records that you never knew you wanted to own. Here are just a few examples of what’s out there.

The Bob’s Burgers Music Album $69

Deluxe Box Set BB

Now don’t have a crap attack, this is the deluxe box set, there are album-only sets you can buy too, but dang is this thing packed with goodies including every song from the show.

The deluxe, limited-edition box set version of the album includes the 3xLP+7” on “condiment-colored” vinyl (ketchup red, mustard yellow & relish green), plus a hardbound lyrics book with exclusive Bob’s Burgers artwork, a softcover sheet-music songbook, three original posters, a six-piece sticker pack, and a patch. Both the standard and deluxe LP editions include the five “Bob’s Buskers” tracks on a white 7” single.

Available at subpop.com

Stranger Things OST Limited Edition Box Set £64.99 

Stranger things Vinyl

We all know how great Stranger Things was/is. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein’s score blew our minds with their 80’s inspired moody synth style. The soundtracks are already available to buy separately but this new box set is now up for pre-order. Featuring brand new artwork, prints, posters, character cards and new flashlight colored vinyl, it’s one for the serious collector.

Preorder now at Invada.co.uk

The Iron Giant OST $30

Vinyl cover IG

gatefold ig

Often forgotten, The Iron Giant is an underrated classic. Director Brad Bird brought his own take to Ted Hughes’ old story of robot meets boy. Before he gave us the first X-Men movie OST, Michael Kamen scored this masterpiece that you won’t find in stores. Thanks to the legendary folk at Mondo, it’s yours to own for next to nothing over at Mondo.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 OST $30

GoT album cover

“Dun dun da da dun dun da da dun dun…”

You’re all singing it now, I’ll bet! Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man, Pacific Rim) knocks it out of the park again with his swirling themes and huge orchestrations. All six seasons can be purchased at all good music stores too so you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking these down. HBO are pretty great at giving the fans what they want. Keep an eye out later in the year for the Westworld vinyl release.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens OST Hologram Edition $45

Amazon force awakens

This thing is fantastic and I should know because i own a copy! You have to see it to believe it but Walt Disney Records put moving holograms into the grooves of the record so, when direct light is shone onto the LP, the results are fascinating. John Williams’ phenomenal score deserves a special presentation. Take a look at how it came to be below.

Still readily available on Amazon

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