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Music Meets Tetris: Chime Sharp Reviewed

written by Tiff Hostetler February 25, 2017

Logo for the game Chime Sharp

Chime Sharp is the Kickstart funded sequel to the popular 2010 puzzle game, Chime. It mixes music with the shape building and skill of Tetris. One by one, shapes can be placed across a grid, skillfully linking them to create what are called quads. The larger the quad, the more points it is worth.

All the while, a “beat line” scrolls the screen. As quads are hit with the beat line, their score is added to the player’s total, and that section of the grid is cleared. Total score, and grid clearance is tracked at the bottom. The music changes and grows in complexity as quads are formed and more and more of the board is cleared.

Screenshot of game play from Chime Sharp

Screenshot of game play from Chime Sharp

The whole point is to clear as much of the board as possible before time runs out. Players who are successful in clearing certain percentages of the grid unlock harder difficulty challenges for each individual song.

The trailer below says a lot more about the game play, and visuals than screenshots can.

My personal thoughts on Chime Sharp:

This game is very addicting. I started on a practice round of the first song to figure out what the game was all about. It didn’t take long to get hooked though. In no time, I had unlocked the rest of the music and playing through them all on standard mode. I honestly didn’t try to unlock the harder challenges at first, because I was impatient to hear all the songs. Each song has its own slight differences to add to the difficulty either with different shapes, or various unusable chunks removed from the grid to work around.

I really liked the musical aspect of the game. Depending on the song, the way the music grew was either soothing, or made me feel a bit frantic to clear the board in time.

The game was released last summer on Steam, but just hit consoles on PS4 and X box One. It makes for a great console game. I played it on my One. While I can see a possibility for the tiniest advantage of mouse over controller for movement speed, I don’t think it’s a game changer.

But is it worth it?

I feel like Chime Sharp is one of those puzzle games that goes from being an addiction, to something someone would dust off occasionally as a time filler. For that alone, I think the reasonable price is worth it. I’m a very competitive person, even when I’m just competing against myself, so I’ll be getting my use out of it just by trying to top my own scores. It would also be good for those times I don’t really know what I’m in the mood for and don’t want to get into something too story heavy at that moment. It’s fun and just challenging enough to keep a person playing, but not stressing over it. Overall, I would definitely recommend  this to any fan of puzzlers.

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