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Musical Crossover Coming for The Flash and Supergirl

written by Jordan Cobb August 19, 2016

Both Grant Gustin of The Flash and Melissa Benoist of Supergirl are known for being accomplished singers outside of playing superheroes. They also happen to have been on Glee at one point, though swing a dead cat around Broadway and you’ll hit someone that eventually was on Glee in one way or another.

Add in that Jesse L. Martin of The Flash as well is a trained theater and Broadway actor, not to mention one of the cast members of the original Broadway run of Rent, a musical episode of either show has been long kicked around by fans and teased about by those behind the scenes.


In the words of Professor Farnsworth, good news everyone!

The Flash and Supergirl will crossover yet again, and outside of the upcoming four series mega crossover this winter, but this time it’ll be with a pair of musical episodes on each show. The news broke at the DC TV shows panels at the TCA and it was also announced that pre-existing songs would make up the bulk of musical numbers in the crossover, but at least one original song for each episode is being explored at the moment.

The Flash has already shown off both Gustin and Martin’s skills on the mic as you can see for yourself below!

Gustin, Martin, and Benoist aren’t the only ones in the Arrowverse shows with musical backgrounds as Victor Garber of Legends of Tomorrow and John Barrowman of Arrow both have some pipes themselves. Executive producer across all DC Comics shows on The CW, Greg Berlanit commented that many times when they film an episode that it already feels like a musical and that they look to use all the talents of each of their actors. He did also mention that he hopes to bring in some people from Legends and/or Arrow for a number or two.

A musical superhero adventure could mean that the Music Meister from Batman: The Brave and the Bold might be our villain for this crossover. Music Meister appeared in a musical episode of The Brave and Bold and was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who himself was on Glee.

How excited are you to see The Flash and Supergirl belt out some tunes? What songs do you hope they sing? Let us know in the comments below!

The Flash and Supergirl will return to TV this October on the CW for their respective third and second seasons.

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