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MUST-PLAY: Why XCOM 2 Is Frustratingly Addictive

written by Tyler June 22, 2018
XCOM 2 gameplay

It’s Friday, geeks! That means another ‘Must-Play’ is coming your way. This week, Firaxis‘ XCOM 2 is the focus. I swear, the amount of times you have 99% to hit, and miss, is insane. What’s more insane, is that you keep coming back for more because even in that case, XCOM 2 never feels unfair.

The XCOM series has been around for awhile, and since it’s newfound reboot in 2012, it has spawned numerous titles inspired by it. Capitalizing on the success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 finds itself in the midst of not just an alien invasion, but where the aliens actually succeeded. Instead of having multiple governments and agencies at your disposal, you are now a ragtag group of rebellious anti-fascists that need to scrounge for resources in order to overthrow your new alien overlords.

XCOM 2 gameplay combat

XCOM 2 plays like it’s predecessor, but it has the brilliant combination of familiarity and fresh uniqueness. The maps are all new, and there are more. The customization options are in the ridiculous numbers, which ties into what makes XCOM so special. You level up each and customize each soldier in various ways:

  • Class specialization
  • Hair, face (Want the look of Jensen from Deus Ex or Raynor from Starcraft? You got it)
  • Background description and name (Use your friends’ names!)
  • Armour look (in the hundreds if not thousands of combinations)
  • Color of everything
  • Voice pack (with downloadable mods, this becomes interesting)
  • Nationality
  • And more

XCOM 2 gameplay character customization

The thing is, the more you level up your soldiers and start picking classes, specializations, healing them and having them almost die makes you bond even more with them. Thus, when you almost lose one (or when you do) it is the most pain you’ll feel in a video game in terms of loss.

I, for one, nearly despise turn-based games. They seem like a relic of a mechanic from the technological hindrances of yesteryear. However, someone recommended XCOM: Enemy Unknown to me when it released, and I was absolutely hooked. Even if you don’t like turn-based games, if you like strategy games in the slightest, this one is an absolute must-play. It goes on sale all the time, so grab it in the Amazon link above or wait for your classic Steam sale. If you’ve already dug into the series and want more, check out it’s original creator’s spiritual successor, Phoenix Point!

What about you geeks? Have you played any of the XCOM series? Let us know in the comments!


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