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A Day in the World of Final Fantasy Dungeon Demo

written by Jason Marcano October 19, 2016

I first took notice of World of Final Fantasy when Square Enix showed it off at E3 earlier this year. I was interested, but I never quite knew what to think of its cutesy aesthetic. Maybe it’s because the majority of my recent gaming adventures have been more of the super serious, “adult” kind—Witcher 3, Mafia III. So I approached the stand alone demo to World of Final Fantasy with with mere curiosity and zero expectations.

The World of Final Fantasy: Dungeon Demo is in an area independent of the main game. Ultimately it is a 90 minute tutorial dungeon. Don’t let the word “tutorial” turn you off. You’d be missing out on one of the brightest, most wholesome, and surprisingly deep JRPG experiences of the year if you did. Even if you don’t intend on getting the full game when it releases October 25th, if you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series, JRPGS, or monster collecting, you should give it a go. It may Imprism you as it has me.

World of Final Fantasy has the classic turn-based combat that’s been absent in recent, mainline entries. Despite its innocent veneer, WoFF can be brutal on the battlefield.  The Mirage stacking mechanic adds a new layer to battles, and going in with the wrong setup can cost you.

Stacking the Mirages on your head combines your stats and gives you access to their skills and various stat boost. You can ride a large Mirage and put a small one on your head when Reynn or Lann are in their Lilikin (Chibi) form. When they are in their Jiant (normal) form they can stack a medium and a small Mirage on their heads, in that order. Various combinations of Mirages act differently, so plenty of combat options are available.

Riding an Ahriman was so fun!

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Dungeon Demo_20161017122636

The final boss of this demo dungeon, Ifreeta, took me a while to take down, but never felt impossible. Truthfully, I could have spent a little more time on the grind. I’m confident when I try the demo again later I will fare much better.

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Dungeon Demo_20161018210444

The Cameos in the demo alone are nostalgia porn. Moogles, Chocobos, Tonberries, and many popular characters from the series all show up in some way. Cloud is disinterested, Yuna is ever helpful, it’s clear that a lot of love has gone into this game. Also, before you beat the boss, open the chests around the cube. There are some nice preview videos in there.

Geeks, if you have a PS4 or a Vita, you should really give the World of Final Fantasy demo a chance. You can download it now for the PS4 or Vita on the PlayStation Store. Let us know what you thought about it in the comments. Do you plan on picking up the full game when it drops on October 25th?


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