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myAndroid Helps You Make Your Phone Your Own!

written by Jude Kasekamp March 12, 2017
myandroid examples side by side

One of the great things about being part of the Android supreme race is the vast range of customization. What happens when your phone’s stock launcher just does not make you say, “WOW!” when you unlock it? myAndroid can help.

myandroid examples side by side

My fellow millennials and I know that we are unique and special. After all, that is what we have been taught by our awesome Gen-X parents from a young age. Your expensive smartphone should reflect your one-of-a-kind personality. But what if you don’t know what wallpaper to turn to, or what icon pack will sufficiently represent who you are? Simply take the myAndroid Taste Test, and the little green robot will tell you exactly which customization apps will fit you perfectly.

The test itself is very quirky, fun, and wicked hipster. You are asked odd questions, like choosing between smooth or texture, which sandwich you prefer, and if you see legs or hot dogs in an image. I will not tell you how I answered that last one, so please do no task. I was pleased with my results, and I actually use one of the recommended apps already. Also, I am downloading another of the apps as soon as I finish up this article.

myandroid taste test result

The one bummer is that you can’t just click a button when you are done to automatically download all the goodness to your device. You have to download each app individually, and then find the wallpaper that Android thinks you should plaster on your Facebook machine. Nevertheless, it is an awesome way to spend two minutes at your work desk.

I love switching things up on my phone constantly. For example, I am currently even rocking a sideloaded APK of the Google Pixel Launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I also change my wallpaper daily, either with Google’s own Wallpapers or with the super flexible Muzei app. Don’t judge me.

I know you have taken at least 3 BuzzFeed quizzes today about which flavour of granola you are. So, take 30 seconds and let big daddy Google tell you what 3rd party apps you need! Let me know what your recommendations are in the comments! iPhone users, you are welcome to partake in this amazing experience as well.

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