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MYNT Tracker – Remote or Tracking Device? You Decide! (Review)

written by Jordan McIntyre February 3, 2018
Two black MYNT brand tracking devices

What could possibly make a tracking device any better than the already popular Tile? A better Bluetooth range? Perhaps. The thinnest design in the world? Sure. How about a multi-functioning button and a replaceable battery, all safely stored in a sleek stainless steel casing? How about… dare I say… all of the above!? Look no further with the up-and-coming MYNT Smart Tracker, Remote & Item Finder from Slightech.

The Specs

What we have on the surface is a small device that has multiple functions and purposes for the day-to-day busybody. Let’s dive into what you’ll be dealing with.

Above all, what’s easy to notice is the design and efficiency of the unit. It sits comfortably with the absolutely beautiful dimensions of 25 x 55 x 3.5 mm, and an all-around weight of what I like to call “might as well be air”.

The Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology inside the splash-resistant stainless steel casing gives a cozy 150-feet range in order to find the MYNT with your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone; or perform reverse tracking to find your phone by holding the water sealed button on the center of the MYNT unit.

This bad boy uses a replaceable Lithium Coin Cell CR2020 3V battery with a 6-12 month lifespan, giving it an apparent and enormous advantage over other brands that require you to buy a completely new tracker when it dies. If you know where to shop, the battery replacement costs for the MYNT can be as cheap as the cost of a gumball.Packaging for the MYNT tracker including a spare battery, key ring, two 3M stickies, a MYNT unit, and a string lanyard

The Packaging

Cracking open the reserved packaging for the MYNT will make you feel like you are opening an iPhone. It has a simple design that accents the already simplistic unit itself. I will admit, there was a bit of excitement opening it up.

Inside, you will find one MYNT tracker with a battery already inside, a spare battery on the side, a keychain ring, a small roped lanyard, two 3M stickers, and a quick-start guide. Pull the piece of blue plastic out of the MYNT to active the battery and go to town!

A list description of what the MYNT button can do

The Button

If you are someone that is heavy on media use, giving presentations, or just generally like the idea of a button that will have an ever-expanding set of functions, the MYNT could be right for you based on that alone.

You can use the button on the MYNT to subtly change the slide on your presentations or pause/play and effect volume levels on your music and videos. Holding the button by default sounds a musical tone on your smartphone if in range, for an easy and simplistic way to find your phone in that weird place you put it down.

Call me crazy, but I don’t lose things that often, so I have taken to sticking my MYNT tracker on my phone case, and bound the “flashlight” functions to its button. Now I can pull out my phone and turn on my flashlight in seconds, whereas before I would have to unlock my phone and open the feature.

Believe it or not, I actually get more use out of that function than you’d think.

MYNT tracker leaning against an iPhone running the MYNT app

Find Your Stuff

Overall, while the range is good to have on a such a small tracker, you will only ever use that range in your home. If you were to lose something at the park, have fun walking around with your phone listening for a faint sound of music to find the object. If you typically misplace your keys or wallet in your home though, the MYNT is your answer.

In regards to another tracking function that the MYNT offers, you also have the support of “CrowdGPS” functionality. Hypothetically, if you misplaced an object that MYNT is attached to out in the world somewhere, you can use the MYNT App on your smartphone to see the tracker’s last recorded GPS location.

Additionally, if the object is moving but comes within range of another MYNT holder with the app on their phone, or even another tracker’s (e.g. Tile) range, the GPS location updates so you can dial in where to find your property.

This function isn’t presently flawless, and I wouldn’t go putting it to the test with anything highly valuable to you. It’s more of an “it’s there” option, as the community for “CrowdGPS” isn’t the broadest network out there quite yet.

Gold MYNT brand tracker laying on river stones

The MYNT in Essence

If you are someone that loses ANYTHING constantly, or just want an efficiently small and convenient button, the MYNT is probably right for you.

The biggest flaws that are clear and present are the battery’s operating temperature and the intermittent connectivity of the Bluetooth.

The battery itself can get pretty cold before the device won’t work, however, the stainless steel casing on the MYNT enhances that cold factor. By my own personal testing, I saw no functionality in the MYNT at about -10/-15 celsius.

The Bluetooth connection can be intermittent even with the MYNT sitting right next to your smartphone. It is hard to say if this is the MYNT itself, or perhaps my own personal LG smartphone.

At the end of the day, there are options within this miniature product, and it is a very user-friendly piece of equipment that tailors to a variety of situations.

What do you think of the thinnest location tracker in the world? Do you have an odd use for this tracker? Let us know in the comments below!

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