Home Reviews Need access to your home network while you travel? Ubiquiti AmpliFi Teleport has you covered!

Need access to your home network while you travel? Ubiquiti AmpliFi Teleport has you covered!

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg January 30, 2018
Amplifi Router and Teleport

One of the biggest issues I have is when I am traveling and I forget to grab that file or video from another desktop. Maybe I am at home but want to stream something from my office PC. Yes, we have options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others but they are not the same as having full access to those files like they are all on the same network. Ubiquiti thinks they have found the answer with the AmpliFi Teleport.

Now if you haven’t heard of the name AmpliFi in the router game, I highly recommend you looking into their new items. Ubiquiti set into the mesh network game and I have been a huge fan of their system since we first reviewed. I now use the same router at the office and at home. At home, I have a few mesh points to help cover the entire house and my whole family loves the coverage with no switching of the network. With all of that said I was very excited to look into this new option they were releasing to help me access the same networks but while on the go.

Their latest unit the AmpliFi Teleport provides a secure way to access home or business networks when you are not there. It creates an encrypted connection so you are able to access all of your files or media like you were sitting at your desk from anywhere in the world. You are able to do this via wifi or ethernet cable. As someone who has an office at home and at a business I was excited to try this.

The AmpliFi Teleport showed up in full retail box (above) with an AmpliFi router and the Teleport. Ubiquiti is telling me that you will be able to purchase the Teleport unit without purchasing the router kit for those of us that already have one. Once opening and getting reading through everything the idea was fairly simple. I set up this router in my home or business, then connect the Teleport device to network or wifi anywhere in the world while traveling. Once connected I would log in and then be using my home network over whatever network I was using.  Simple right…

I ran into my first issue when trying to connect the Teleport to the existing AmpliFi router that I have. According to Ubiquiti, the unit is paired with the one that comes with the kit so I had to do a little reconfiguring of the new router with my network to get it all set up. No biggie here. The AmpliFi router is one of the easiest routers ever to set up as it is all app driven right from your Android or iOS device. Once set it up, I decided to take the Teleport for a day out on the town.

My first stop was at one of my client’s offices to do a little IT work. While there I asked him if he minded that I use his internet in the waiting room since I knew he had a public network.  I plugged in the Teleport and went through the login portal I had set up at my office. Sure enough there I was seeing all of my local files on the network like I was sitting in my office. Now with the ease of use of Google Drive and other file sharing programs you might ask why would someone need this kind of hardware. Well, imagine you had a huge streaming library. Or as you can see in the video below maybe someone isnt savvy enough to use these kinds of online storage programs. The Teleport duplicates the network and you are really on your own.

Throughout the day I stopped off at a few more places. One of the funniest being a local Burger King where I plugged in the Teleport, jumped on my network and was sitting there watching movies from my office network. The security and ease of use really make this device stand out.

With the AmpliFi router and mesh system already being my personal favorite router system, the teleport has become something that just lives in my travel bag. At any time or any hotel, I am able to bounce right onto my network (at the whim of speeds at my office) and not have to worry about dropping folders or seeing what is shared where. I am accessing all my movie files and documents just like I was actually sitting there.

AmpliFi Mesh System

AmpliFi Router and Mesh Points

Some specs on the Teleport for you geeks out there

  • Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Secure WPA2-PSK, AES/TKIP
  • 2x Dual Antennas
  • Ethernet Port

The Teleport will come in two different ways. You can purchase the AmpliFi Teleport Kit ($229.99) if you do not have a router. This kit will come with everything you need including the router. Or you can pre-order just the Teleport unit ($99.99) to use if you already have an AmpliFi Router in the home or office.

If you are someone who travels frequently or has a few places where media or files are stored I would totally recommend checking this out. AmpliFi makes amazing products and I feel they put the same amount of quality into the Teleport. Thank you to AmpliFi for sending over the unit. This is not a sponsored post and all feelings here are mine.




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