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Neil Fingleton, Game of Thrones’ “Mag the Mighty,” Dead at 36

written by Michael Haase February 27, 2017
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2017 Takes Another…

First Bill Paxton, now this…the year 2017 claimed another actor at far too young of an age. Neil Fingleton, best known for playing “Mag the Mighty” on Game of Thrones, died from heart failure on February 25th. He was only 36 years old.

In addition to Game of Thrones, Neil was “The Fisher King” on Dr. Who and had breakthrough roles in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-Men: First Class and 47 Ronin.

Fellow Game of Thrones actor, Ian Whyte, posted a heartfelt message regarding his friend’s death:

A Record Holder, a Basketball Player, An Actor

Not only was Neil an actor, but he held the title of “Britain’s Tallest Man,” standing at 7 feet, 7 inches. Neil never claimed to be anything other than comfortable with his height, calling it “special,” and “unique.”

Naturally, Neil was drawn into basketball at an early age. He came to the United States and played for both Holy Cross and The University of North Carolina on the collegiate level before pursuing a professional career in basketball on an international level.

Despite his excellence in basketball, Neil gave up the sport to pursue a career in acting. His stature helped him gain particular roles, but the outpouring of support of the man proves that he was more than just a man of height; he was a man of character. Many of his colleagues described him as a “gentle giant.” It is obvious that he was a loved and revered actor amongst his peers.

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Search around for Neil Fingleton today. Every article I’ve found reiterates what an impressive and kind man he was during his short time on this planet. He had an obvious enjoyment of life. He will be missed by many.

It seems appropriate to send off such an enthusiastic actor by showing him in action. Here is “Mag the Mighty’s Death Scene” from Game of Thrones:

Rest in peace, Neil.


(…and you can stop it now, 2017.)

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