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Nerd Summer Camp… For Adults!

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. May 16, 2016
epic nerd camp

During one of my mindless, late night scrolls through Facebook I stumbled upon a link that I thought was pretty awesome. There’s an actual summer camp based out of Pennsylvania that hosts an array of geeky activities, as well as traditional activities, for adults. The motto on their website appears to be “All of the fun of a convention AND a summer camp.”

The camp offers a lot of traditional activities for those that want to enjoy the summer camp experience. There’s water skiing, zip lining, kayaking, wall climbing, horseback riding and even a tight rope. Of course, any of these can be turned into superhero training if you set your mind to it!

epic nerd camp

The Epic Nerd Camp, as it’s so appropriately named, has a lot of awesome art and music experiences. You can learn to paint or draw, try your hand at cartooning, pottery, sculpture, knitting, or candle making. They even have a music studio that offers recording sessions and electronic music production, which I think is pretty awesome. If you’re someone who’s into music production and wants to expand their VST collection to include some more organic and orchestral sounds, take a look at these examples compiled by Amidio.

Let’s be honest, we want to hear about the geeky activities they have on tap for camp goers. There is a gaming hall that stays open all day for table top games. They have an open invitation for inventors of new games to send them in for beta testing for all campers. There is Lightsaber training, longsword training, and katana training. They also offer battles for those that need to let off a little steam on the battlefield.

epic nerd camp katana training

I was never able to go away to summer camp as a kid, but I think it’s pretty cool to know that as an adult, I still have a chance to experience that in a nerdy way. There are a lot more activities available that you can check out on their website linked here. The camp offers two different sessions in June that are four days long each. You can also check out a short video below that highlights a few of the activities in action.


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