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Nerdcore Strikes Back! Rappers Respond to Trebek Comments

written by Jude Kasekamp October 18, 2016
Black and White photo of Alex Trebek on Jeopardy Set

Black and White photo of Alex Trebek on Jeopardy SetNerdcore rappers made Alex Trebek pay for calling them losers. A video went viral recently of the Jeopardy host asking a contestant about nerdcore hip-hop. She explained that, “it’s people who identify as nerdy, rapping about the things they love – video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. You know, it’s really catchy and fun!”

Trebek paused and then said, “Losers, in other words.”

See for yourselves:


Wow. Just wow.

If there’s one thing Trebek should know about nerds is that we don’t just stand up for our own against outsiders. We are also capable of something called NERD RAGE! Sometimes, that rage is channeled through our keyboards in the form of savage cyber slams. In this case, it’s channeled through microphones in the form of a savage cypher.

Nerdcore rappers came together in a showcase of the best the genre has to offer to show Trebek what it’s all about. So grab your popcorn, log out of WoW, and watch Trebek get bodied:


MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Beefy, MC Hawking, Richie Branson, Mikal kHill, Sammus, YTCracker, Dual Core, Jesse Dangerously, MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Dr. Awkward go hard. Let’s take a look at a few key factors that make this video so great.

First, good luck trying to put together a more all star cast of characters for this video. These artists are absolutely legendary!

Second, that beat! You can’t slam Trebek without sampling the Jeopardy theme. Throw in those sick synths and retro video game sounds and you have a banger of a nerdcore track.

Third, they make the fantastic point that most people who watch Jeopardy are NERDS. Way to alienate your target demographic, Giorgi Suka-Alex Trebek. Yes, I did just use your full name.

Last, the crowd at the very end shouting, “Suck it, Trebek!” What better way to end this awesome video than to make a reference to the iconic SNL Jeopardy skit?

Scene from SNL skit. Suck it Trebek in large letters with Alex Trebek and Sean Connery next to each other.

So, what do you nerds and geeks think? Was this a satisfactory response to Trebek’s tomfoolery? Sound off in the comments!

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