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Nerdy Job Alert: Build Legos for a Living Wage

written by Quinzel Lee March 28, 2017
children laying on legos

Kill two birds with one..well, Lego! Use your hobby of building Legos as a way of making a living.

If you are interested in making a move to the good ol’ UK, have some model or product design experience, and obviously a love for Legos, this job may just be for you! As a matter of fact, it’s even a full time position, not just a side gig.

lego figures building

What an amazing opportunity and a way to look forward to going to work every day! The posting states that the position will be responsible for “…Designing and Building world class LEGO Models for our LEGO Merlin Attractions worldwide, to deliver a truly magical guest experience.” For this reason alone, I’d apply right now! You can get a full time job, with benefits, doing something you love? Count me in!!

The job posting goes on to say that the Lego Model Designer position will be “…Coordinating with the Technical Design Team [this person] will deliver the best possible animated LEGO models whilst considering production timings, ensuring budgets and deadlines are adhered to. You will also work closely with the Brick Stock Associate to ensure stock is accounted for and booked accordingly.”

If you feel like your entire childhood has trained you for this job, head over to LinkedIn and apply today!

children laying on legos

In addition, the benefits with this job top any other full time job I’ve had. Merlin Entertainment offers 20 paid holidays, not that you would ever want to go home. However, it looks like the work/life balance with this company is amazing. Because no one wants to stress out over building the perfect Lego staircase.

Feel like you’d nail that interview? Need some practice? Never fear, there are many Lego sets on Amazon that will allow you to show off your skills. Impress your recruiter with your amazing Lego skills and buy a set here.

Finally, a chance to work and nerd out at the same time! At this point, I’d be brushing up on my resume writing. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think of this job? Are you going to apply? Tell me what you think in the comments section.

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