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Don’t Miss the NES Classic Edition Flash Sale at Walmart Details Inside!

written by Jason Marcano November 16, 2016

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Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is proving to be quite the elusive gift. To no ones surprise, the mini gaming treasure box filled with joy and nostalgia is flying off the shelves faster than you can say “Super Mario Bros”. So if you’ve been searching for one, you’ve most likely had to settle for the ridiculous prices on eBay, or you’ve had to do without. Nintendo has promised to get more in stores in time for the holiday season, but progress on that will probably be slow. Chances are you still might not be able to find one readily available until 2017.

In an effort of fairness, Walmart is doling out a limited number of NES Classic Edition consoles everyday starting at 5PM ET from today until November 18th. You can only get one of the systems online through Walmart at the link below.

Walmart NES Classic Edition Flash Sale!

If you visit the site now, the price listed is $385, the seller is The Plastic Manor LLC. Once 5PM ET rolls around, the price will be listed as the normal $59.99. Walmart isn’t exactly promoting this sale loudly, but tons of media outlets are, so no doubt many people are now aware of it. Making the probability of getting one even slimmer. But hey, at least we all have a chance now.

You’ll have to be quick on the draw and refresh the heck out of that page once the sale begins. The NES Classic Edition is popular to say the least. It’s a safe bet that a plethora of gamers will be watching the page like hawks. The sale is likely to last only minutes, so your window will be small.

You better jump on this deal quick if you want a NES Classic Edition geeks. If you have any experience waiting for sales like this online, then you know how quickly the opportunity can escape you. Have you managed to find a mini NES yet? Let us know in the comments how lucky or unlucky you’ve been so far.

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