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NES Classic Edition: Where NOT to Get One and Why You Should Be Patient

written by Jason Marcano November 14, 2016
NES Classic Edtion Box


On November 11th the NES Classic Edition went on sale. Mere hours later the shelves were empty. Retailers were inundated with calls and request from nostalgia fueled gamers. Many waited in line only to be disappointed. If you hesitated in the slightest on your decision to get a NES Classic Edition, then you most likely missed out.

Nintendo is really selling the 80s theme along with the NES Classic Edition. From the ad above to even bringing back the Nintendo Power Line. Back in the olden days, before things like the internet and handy “Let’s Play” videos, gamers stuck in the latest Zelda dungeon had to call the Nintendo Power Line for tips and tricks. Callers were charged by the minute as they talked to people like David Young.

When the NES Classic Edition was first revealed a lot of gamers scoffed. Sure, it was a cute console that literally fits in the palm of your hand, but most saw the wired controller and elected to pass on the mini NES. Most of the games were also available on the Virtual Console, did we really need another way to play them? But then Nintendo revealed you could use your Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, which thankfully solves the problem of the traditional wired controllers. This reveal is what pushed the desire for the console to ravenous proportions.

Within hours they were all gone. Within minutes of selling out they were on eBay, and if you know eBay, the prices are out of control.


That’s the high end above, and the low end is no better.


$98 for a controller that only cost $9.99? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, it is eBay. This sort of thing does tend to happen for the bulk of console releases, especially this close to the holidays. It’s not all greed based, but a lot of it is. It’s easy to take advantage of people desperate to get the hottest gift to put under the tree for their children. Some people see no limit to the price they’ll pay for their child’s happiness, and that’s their prerogative.

However, I urge you to be patient. Nintendo has promised to get plenty more of these things on the shelves and into gamers’ hands before the holiday.

With 30 classic games including two awesome Mario games, the original Legend of Zelda, and so much more retro goodness, it’s understandably difficult to wait. But I urge you to. The NES Classic Edition is only $59.99, the controllers are only $9.99. Don’t pay 400%+ more when in less than one month the supply in stores will be replenished.

This is one hot system. Nintendo wasn’t even ready for how intense the demand for the tiny gray box would be. Did any of you geeks manage to get your hands on one? Do you even want one? Let us know in the comments below!

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