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Netflix Acquires Millarworld Comic Universe in Movie and TV Deal

written by Jordan Cobb August 7, 2017

For good and for bad, Mark Millar is one of the most notable figures in the comic book industry from his work at DC and Marvel, his independent books, and the notable adaptations of his many works too. From Civil War to Kick-Ass, Superman: Red Son to Kingsman, Millar’s name is a recognizable one and its about to reach a much larger audience soon.

Netflix has announced it has acquired the rights to Millarworld, Millar’s own personal comic book publishing line of his creator-owned stories that is co-ran by his wife, Lucy. Films, series, and kids’ shows will all be adapted based off projects by Millar and various artists he’s worked with. The agreement will still allow Millarworld to create and publish their own original stories as well.

With bringing Millarworld to their fold, this marks the first acquisition Netflix has well ever made and it will only further expand their reach in streaming media. Now details of the deal are scarce really, but a statement was released by Ted Sarandos, chief content officer of Netflix.

“As creator and re-inventor of some of the most memorable stories and characters in recent history, ranging from Marvel’s The Avengers to Millarworld’s Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Wanted and Reborn franchises, Mark is as close as you can get to a modern day Stan Lee. We can’t wait to harness the creative power of Millarworld to Netflix and start a new era in global storytelling. Mark has created a next-generation comics universe, full of indelible characters living in situations people around the world can identify easily with. We look forward to creating new Netflix Originals from several existing franchises as well as new super-hero, anti-hero, fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories Mark and his team will continue to create and publish.”

Millar himself is excited about the new partnership, saying, “This is only the third time in history a major comic book company has been purchased at this level. I’m so in love with what Netflix is doing and excited by their plans. Netflix is the future and Millarworld couldn’t have a better home.”

The possibilities of projects that could be made out of this deal are endless and truly time shall tell if this will prove to be a great move on the part of Netflix.

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