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Netflix fanatics! Time to binge anywhere you please!

written by Melanie Krebs December 1, 2016
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Calling all Netflix Users! It’s time to celebrate! You can now take your binge sessions offline!

After hinting at it for months, Netflix has announced a new capability of being able to download shows and movies straight to your device. Netflix Originals, including The Crown, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things, are available to download today. Netflix has flawless timing. With the holidays approaching, traveling will be at an all time high. Want to binge your shows on the plane or on the road? That’s no longer a problem!

To start downloading your shows, you must update your Netflix app in the App Store or on Google Play. When the app is updated, you should have an option in the settings menu to view available downloads. This will give you a list of everything and is split up into categories similar to how the streaming categories are set up. Here are a few screenshots for examples of how it looks.

Netflix screen shots showing available for download capabilities

Next, once you have selected your show, there is a download option by every individual episode.

netflix st dsn available for download

Now, understandably so, not everything is available to download right now. Netflix is required to get permissions to get shows and movies available. Obviously, they have released all of their originals, but are hard at work for the others. Marlee Tart, a spokeswoman for Netflix, emailed WIRED and included mentioned their ongoing efforts.

“Netflix is working with lots of partners globally to get downloading rights for the bulk of the content on our service. This is an ongoing effort as we know consumers want this capability and we are working to provide it.”

This means we can hold out hope that more will be coming in the coming months. However, if we think about how Netflix and their permissions have worked thus far, it’s possible some of these titles may be taken from the available list. So, your best guess is to go ahead and download everything that you want currently available as soon as possible.

In the process of making your Christmas list? It’s time to add a pretty large SD card and/or hard drive for all your downloads! Just so you’re aware, it’s roughly 1.8 GB to download the entire first season of Stranger Things. Happy downloading, geeks! Enjoy your offline binge sessions and let us know what you think about this new addition!

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