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Netflix for Comics

written by April Carvelli February 11, 2015

scribdIf you are an E-book fan than you probably already know about Scribd, a subscription service for E-books. It’s frequently described as Netflix for books; you pay one monthly price and you can take out as many E-Books as you can read.

Scribd started in October 2013 with a scanty selection of E-books, but it quickly picked up speed. In November 2014 they added Audiobooks to their catalog, and now they have added comics and graphic novels to their immense library of digital reading.

For around $9 a month you can get access to a catalog of 10,000 comics as well as their normal collection of E-books and Audiobooks. And it’s not just the little independents that they have partnered with, its a few of the big dogs such as Marvel and Valiant. Other comics they have signed on with include Archie, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, and IDW/Top Shelf.

The library of comics includes a variety of modern issues of TV tie-ins as well as old classic comics that you may never have seen before. They also promise us that we will get many of the brand new releases, however don’t expect them to appear while they are still fresh on the shelf. Release dates will be determined by the publishers, but most will probably appear within about a month of release date.

On top of the comics we will also have access to graphic novels from well-known sources such as Alan Moore and George R.R. Martin. Cork and Harlequin Manga have also signed on to give Manga fans a selection of titles.

The addition of comics to their library is sure to pace them well ahead of their competitors such as Amazon Kindle Unlimited and put them in competition with Marvel and Comixology. With only a dollar difference between subscriptions it becomes a matter of whether you want to actually buy the digital downloads or if you are interested in the rest of the content that comes with your subscription.

Juli Haddon, Scribd’s VP of editorial marketing says, “ We’re really tailoring our service to die-hard voracious readers, and we’re servicing publishers to bring them this audience that we have”

They don’t have DC yet, but they might decide to jump on the bandwagon when they see how well Marvel is doing on Scribd.






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