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Netflix Original “Dark”, It’s time you watched it.

written by Johnny Perkins December 17, 2017
Dark Louis Hofmann as Jonas Kahnwald in woods

This is not the German Stranger Things

Dark opens with a suicide. Talk about it being dark, this show is not a German remake of Stranger Things. Dark is ominous and mysterious in ways Stranger Things can’t be. There are many similarities; a group of friends, a disappearance, an energy company, and a massive conspiracy. The similarities end there. Dark is an adult show, there are sex and violence, drugs and profanity.

So what is it about?

The story centers around 4 families; The Tiedemann family, the Doppler family, the Kahnwald family, and the Nielsen family. We follow Jonas Kahnwald as he returns to school after some time away due to his father’s suicide. He joins his friends Bartosz Tiedemann and Magnus Neilsen (yes, these names are different, they’re German) The city has been on alert due to another friend, Erik, being missing for two weeks. The friends assume Erik left town and decide to go find his drug stache. Ulrich Neilsen, Magnus’ father, is a cop and investigating Erik’s disappearance with Charlotte Doppler, the chief of police. Ulrich’s brother also disappeared back in the 80s and the memory of that still haunts Ulrich to this day.

Dark Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielsen in officeThe kids go on this journey into the woods and Martha and Mikkel Neilsen, Magnus’ siblings join them as well. Martha is Bartosz’s girlfriend and Mikkel is a much younger kid. When they arrive at the cave Erik used to hide his stuff, Franziska Doppler (Charlotte’s daughter) is there waiting to also get in on the drugs. Suddenly there is a noise inside the cave and they all run. When they all get to the road, they realize Mikkel is missing. This is just the tip of the iceberg and from there the entire world gets turned upside down. There are disappearances, deaths, time travel, paradoxes, and conspiracies.

Why do you need to watch?

Outside of the confusion of the names of all the characters and trying to watch the subtitles as they pass by quickly due to Germans fast-talking, the story itself is very confusing as time travel does that. The story wraps around 2019, 1986, and 1953. All are 33 years apart and all are deeply connected in the small German town. The show brings suspense to a new level and it is very binge-worthy, even if you have to re-watch episodes to understand them as I did. It took me three days to finish the ten, fifty-five-minute episodes. If you love mysteries, thrillers, horror, science fiction, and dramas, this show is for you. Don’t let the German scare you away, you have the option to watch it dubbed into English or subtitled. This show is worth the time, you will not regret watching Dark, but you will feel that emptiness as you await next season. 

Have you watched? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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