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Netflix Releases Final Trailer for Season 2 of Stranger Things

written by Jordan Cobb October 13, 2017

Halloween is nearly upon us. Ghost, goblins, ghouls, candy, costumes, and all sort of mischief. Well lucky us season two of Stranger Things will release on Halloween weekend so we can binge the crap out of it before we go ahead with our plans for the night of.

Anticipation is certainly high for the return of the cult Netflix hit that came out of nowhere last summer and with a couple of week before the nine-episode season drops, Netflix gave us one little last sneak peak as to what’s coming for Mike Wheeler and friends. Let’s take a look at it below!

Well whatever was there in the Upside Down is certainly not done with Will Byers.

I will admit to liking the Thriller trailer a little more as that seemed to really fit in with the show and its aesthetics, but yeah I can’t lie, this is getting me excited. I mean so much of this makes you stop and ask just what the hell is going on. Does Eleven have hair now or is that just a wig to disguise herself? Seriously, what is that giant tentacle monster Will keeps seeing? Will there be more Jim Hopper badassery?! Okay admittedly that’s my own question since Jim Hopper is just the best.

Notable here is we do get to see in action new cast members Sean Astin and Paul Reiser and a new friend to the group, Max being played by Sadie Sink.

Stranger Things certainly looks to go tenfold with its sophomore season and give fans a little more of what they loved before, but hopefully it sets itself apart from the first season enough and it truly can become a bigger success.

What did you think of the trailer? Excited? Who is your favorite character from the show? Let us know in the comment below!

Stranger Things season two releases on Netflix on October 27.

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