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Never stop believing, Microsoft looks to keep tweaking the Xbox One line with a little addition and subtraction.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. November 22, 2016

Microsoft has been on fire lately with finally beating the Playstation in the monthly console sales totals and the consistent monthly updates to the Xbox One family. Some updates may be minor but every one of them do something to make the system better for players. Not to knock Sony but they are very slow on the update cycle, something that bothers owners.

It's a Xbox One S

Microsoft’s dedication to the monthly updates to the Xbox One looks to not stop any time in the future as we’re hearing they have some massive plans for the home of Halo.

Back a while ago an update changed the way we interacted with the dash, we now quickly double tap the Guide button to bring up the new and improved dash. From there we can check friends, messages, parties, achievements, etc. all without really leaving the game. The rumors we’re hearing are that Microsoft wants to make the Xbox One dash available with just a single button press.

Something that could be a great addition to the dash would be a new tab. This tab would allow gamers to hop in on their apps and games much quicker than the current setup. This tab is alleged to also let us Xbox One owners get to our pins that much quicker too. I find that very nice as the whole point of pins is fast access to what is downloaded to the console. This eliminates steps to do that, making the system feel faster. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

With all the additions, it’s hard to think that there would be something taken via the Xbox One updates but that is exactly what might happen if the scuttlebutt is true. One of the system’s earliest touted features seems to be one of its least used, especially now that Kinect is no longer a singular focus. That feature is Snap Mode. Snap Mode looked great on paper, having a game running on one side of the screen while a secondary app played off to the side. The problem is that the app usually took up too much screen space and without Kinect, controlling them was cumbersome. I used Snap Mode twice before giving up on it.

In a future Xbox One update, Microsoft is possibly going to replace Snap Mode with a different way to view multiple windows of content. Picture in picture is more what they’re shooting for this time around as the game could still take up the whole screen and the app would use up less prime screen real estate. There might also be options such as the ability to move the window, make it more opaque or resize it. All of which would be welcome. Some folks might lament the loss of Snap Mode, I think they will be won over by this new mode rather quickly though.

It's a screen shot

These are just some of the rumored ideas in Microsoft’s brain pan for the Xbox One. The great thing is anything they do can also be used to improve Project Scorpio, another console I’m looking forward to. If Redmond does indeed implement all of these into the future of the console, how would that make you geeks think about the X1? If you don’t have one, would you go buy a X1S? I don’t have the S model but I do believe I will upgrade around Black Friday. Viva la sales!

Source: Windows Central

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