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Is a New ‘BioShock’ Game Currently in Development?

written by Gary Hoy April 16, 2018
Bioshock Big-Daddy

Reports of a New ‘Bioshock’

Fans were worried back in 2014 when Irrational Games announced they were closing up shop. They were responsible for one of the diamonds squeezed out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 era. BioShock was met with some of the best commercial success of the previous console generation.

2K Games promised fans that BioShock was going to be a mainstay, suggesting that it would continue to receive new entries. In 2013, Irrational received the assistance of former Gears of War producer, Rod Fergusson. This lead to the finished product of BioShock Infinite. Fergusson began heading up a new 2K studio located in the Bay Area. At that time, there was no announcement of what he was working on.

The Worry of a Dead Series Started with ‘Bioshock Infinite’

As previously stated, Rod Fergusson was brought in to assist with the critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite. The game sold 11 million copies and it seemed that Irrational Games could take on the world, but on February 24, 2014, the company announced closing its doors. Fans began to wonder if this meant that world was dead. 2K stated that BioShock would be a mainstay franchise and put those worries to rest.

Another Remaster?

BioShock, like so many other games, received the remaster treatment. The Collection hit shelves for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It had 1080p upgrades, and each game containing all the DLC in one neat package.

BioShock Collection

Source: 2K Games

The worry started again for some. Was it just going to be another cash grab using the classics to make us forget there has been no official announcement of a new BioShock in development? The anticipation began to grow as well. The release of a remaster seemed to point toward the possible release of a new BioShock being announced. Still, there were no announcements.

Series head Ken Levine even founded a new studio during this time dubbed Ghost Story Games. He showed a demo of his latest work at the March 2017 EGX Rezzed conference. However even though this may have excited some, the question was still looming about the fate of BioShock.

The Secret is ‘Parkside’

Word has now surfaced that a studio made up of the former Mafia 3 team has been working on a project under the codename Parkside. After many layoffs back in February, most of the team joined up for Project Parkside. The team was kept in the dark about what they were working on until it slipped that this was, in fact, a BioShock title.

A source close to the studio has told  Kotaku that the entire project is very “tight-lipped” right now. Take-Two has never been one to reveal their titles and normally allows their development teams to decide when it is time to surprise the fans. In many financial briefings over the past year, there has been word Take-Two has a highly anticipated title on the horizon. A lot of us could also believe that this is Borderlands 3, yet all recent evidence seems to point in the direction of Bio. Whether it be one or the other, the news that it is a very important game to the company leaves many believing BioShock.

Bioshock Ingame

Source: 2K Games

How do you feel about a new BioShock? Is it in danger of being a dud without the original project team? Be sure to fire off some Plasmid in the comments!

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