Home News New Details Emerge on “The Walking Dead” Spinoff Series [SPOILERS]

New Details Emerge on “The Walking Dead” Spinoff Series [SPOILERS]

written by Brainy Librarian January 21, 2015

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCIt seems that Bleeding Cool has gotten a hold of the script for the pilot episode for The Walking Dead‘s spinoff series, still tentatively titled Cobalt. Bleeding Cool reports that the first episode is titled, “Fear the Walking Dead.”


The series will begin with the zombie outbreak being treated as an urban legend. No one actually believes it’s really a zombie outbreak.

They go on to report on that the family is “dysfunctional” and still together as a unit when the series begins, unlike Rick‘s family.  There is a mother, soon-to-be-stepfather, teachers Madison and Travis and their teenage children, Alicia and Ian.

As the dead are rising, people are getting word from underground sources. In one scene, they witness zombie attacks on an iPad.

Robert Kirkman has said in previous interviews that the show will stand on its own. That if people had never seen The Walking Dead, they can still watch this spinoff series.

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