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New Dragon Age Teaser … Oh Mark Darrah, you shouldn’t have!

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 27, 2016

Mark Darrah: Executive Producer behind the Dragon Age series and one serious tease.

With 10 playthroughs of Dragon Age Inquisition under my belt, 17 of DA2, and 13 of Origins – it’s safe to say that I might be leaning on the unhealthy side of obsession with this epic franchise by Bioware. Now imagine the squeal of enthusiasm as I try desperately to avoid playthrough number 11 when Darrah posted this mysterious teaser about the future of the franchise. (SPOILER AHEAD)

Those who have played the Trespasser DLC to completion know where the next game is most likely to take place and the symbolism of the piece is seemingly clear about what the centerpiece is: The Dread Wolf, also known as Fen’Harel. As the man-hunt (or rescue mission, depending on how your Inquisitor handled the revelation) begins in the search for Solas, the elven mage revealed to be none other than the Dread Wolf himself from the Dalish legends, so does the journey into previously off-limits areas such as Tevinter. 

So we’re hyped, right? Well …

Like I said, Darrah is known for his pranks and his coyness so take this with a grain of salt. But if he was revealing a tid-bit of what the future brings? This could definitely get interesting.

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