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New Ghostbusters Uniforms Revealed

written by Sara Planz June 30, 2015


Director Paul Feig tweeted out a picture of the new Ghostbusters uniforms with the hashtag #whatyougonnawear.  These new suits pay homage to the originals but feature orange stripes on the sleeves and have a bit of a firesuit flair.


Feig also tweeted the new proton packs with the hashtag #whoyougonnashoot.  Again, very much in line with the old school packs, with some obvious upgrades.  I myself could do without the little heart in the center of the radiation symbol.  We get it.  They are Lady Ghostbusters.



The reboot, currently in production, stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and is scheduled for release on July 22, 2016.

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