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New Giveaway and review from ColorCables and DHTG!

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg January 23, 2015


Ever had those nights when you are fumbling around in the dark looking for your charge or sync cable? Yes you have. I know you have. You told me last week about that exact instance remember? Good news geeks our friends over at ColorCables have come up with a solution. They have released cables that actually glow in the dark. Now I was a little skeptical when I first was trying these out. Cables are great quality and I love that they make longer ones. Also has a huge selection of colors (we went geek green duh!). The color on these really does last for quite a long time. I took mine out and left it under my lamp while I was working and it would stay glowing almost all night long. Keep in mind the longer you let it charge the longer it will stay lit up. Giveaway info is right below the video.

ColorCables Apocolypse Now from mitchel shea on Vimeo.

So now you are able to find your cables all night right? Now its time to have that glow stick party you wanted to and let your cables fly…jk…our lawyers said we can’t tell you to do that. But you will have so much more ease finding and using your new ColorCables then your old boring cables. Comes available in microUSB as well as lighting charging ports. Hit the link here to go grab yours now. If you would like to try your hand at winning one hit us up on Facebook in the post below, like and share our post to enter THATS IT!

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