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The Wand Chooses the Wizard with New Harry Potter Toys

written by Johnny Perkins February 23, 2018
Ollivander's Wand Shop at Universal Studios Florida.

You’re Not Going to Need to go to Ollivanders

There’s a new Harry Potter toy hitting the market and it’s something every Potterhead has always wanted. On February 16, Jakks Pacific announced a new deal with Warner Bros. for the licensing of Harry Potter.

“We’re thrilled to partner with JAKKS Pacific to bring innovative technology and interactive play to the toy aisle and fans of the Wizarding World,” said Julian Montoya, Senior Vice President, Global Toys for WBCP. “This new collection of interactive wands, along with the fun collectible wands and Niffler game, will excite Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fans and inspire creative storytelling to extend their favorite moments from the books and films.”

Interactive Wand Toys! Finally, you can do magic and use your favorite spells with the new wand toys from Jakks Pacific. These wands will let you become your favorite characters from the books and movies.

Harry_Potter_Wands jakks pacific

The Wands

So if you’re like me, you remember the old laser tag games of the 80s and 90s. You’d run around the yard or the woods having fake battles, now you can do that with magic. The wands will let you learn spells and tricks and you can use them to duel the other wands, just like in the movies. Now, these wands aren’t just for duels, they’re for training. The point is to get the spell down correctly. Think of the scene where Snape has Harry and Malfoy casting back and forth on the table. You will have to work to get the spells correct and the wands themselves will let you know when you are proficient. They’ll run you about $25 and will come in three styles, Harry’s wand, Voldemort’s, or the Elder Wand.

draco and harry duel

Are We Joining Dumbledore’s Army?

Maybe, I foresee this being just the beginning. These are just “training wands” So what are we training for? Hopefully a much bigger more immersive game or taking down the dark lord! It would be great to have a wide range of wands and spells, including the unforgivable curses (which are not able to be learned…yet). But for now, we have just these three wands with about 16 spells.

voldemort harry potter

Are you going to buy one of these wands? Do you think this is just the beginning? Let us know in the comments!

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