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New HBO Series ‘Westworld’ Gets Trailer

written by Bookwyrm June 20, 2016
Westworld - HBO - Logo

The remake train continues to chug along, this time stopping at 1973’s Michael Crichton thriller Westworld. However, this one doesn’t inspire the same kind of dread that said train often does when pulling into a station. Instead, this one actually sounds pretty darn cool.

Oh, man… that’s going to put some asses in some seats right there. Plus, the trailer includes some rather inspiring words: “From Executive Producers J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan.”

That’s right. The minds behind the excellent Person Of Interest, along with Star Wars: The Force AwakensFringeInterstellar, and The Dark Knight, are producing a TV series remake of the science-fiction classic.

Here are a few images, courtesy of IMDb:

Westworld - HBO - Anthony Hopkins

Westworld - Ed Harris

Westworld - James Marsden - Evan Rachel Wood

Westworld - Thandie Newton

The original film, while not exactly a genre staple, is a certainly a classic. It was written and directed by Michael Crichton, whose interest in theme parks gone wrong would continue in his later novel Jurassic Park. Also, the film featured Yul Brynner in a completely silent role as a robotic gunslinger who relentlessly pursues the protagonists. If you listen closely, you can hear the scribbling of Arnold Schwarzenegger taking notes on how he should portray the Terminator.

The original film revolved around West World, part of a high-tech adult amusement park called Delos that also featured attractions called Medieval World and Roman World. The resort’s three parks are populated with incredibly lifelike androids that interact with customers, allowing them to live out their fantasies for $1,000 per day. In West World, vacationers can kill the androids in gun fights, engage in sexual encounters in a bordello, and drink themselves stupid in saloons. System failures and breakdowns lead to accidents and malfunctions, which culminate in the androids running amok and murdering the customers. Just like Jurassic Park, really — only with robot cowboys instead of dinosaurs.

Fun, huh?

When it comes to remakes, these are the kind I can actually get behind. This isn’t just “here’s an established property we can make some money off of.” This is a creative team taking a concept from a few decades ago, updating it for modern times, and actually expanding on the original premise instead of just regurgitating it.

Starring James Marsden (X-Men), Sir Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton (2012Crash), and Ed Harris just to name a few, Westworld is set to lead a robot rebellion this October on HBO.

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