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New Kickstarter Tabletop & Augmented Reality GAME-ON

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 20, 2017
Card game and directions

VR video games are in a boom right now. You can experience survival horror and first person shooters as your favorite characters for the first time. But have you ever considered an augmented reality tabletop game? Creator of the GAME-ON Kickstarter Damien Lopez has. He has spent the last two years developing a deck of cards that use augmented reality to transform tabletop gaming.

The Game System

Card game and directions

The base GAME-ON set comes with 30 game cards and 36 player cards. You can play two pre-developed games with the same deck of cards, or even make your own tabletop game using the GAME-ON cards an the Aurasma app! If you’re wondering how the augmented reality fits in, here’s a brief explanation. Each card has a target on it and can be scanned using the app to show you 3D images or animations through your device’s camera. The images and animations are meant to enhance game play and immerse you in the tabletop gaming experience! If you don’t have a device available, the games are also playable without a smart device.

GAME-ON cards

AR plant coming out of card

This game system is unique to many other tabletop games on the market. The Aurasma app stores a virtual library of the pre-loaded games and any you create yourself. This means that you could play a bunch of different tabletop games with the same 66 cards. Talk about portable entertainment! You can also use the smart device you already own to download the app, so no costly VR gear is necessary.

If this project sounds interesting to you head over to the Kickstarter page and support this innovative game. If you pledge just five dollars you can get a PDF for printable GAME-ON cards and instructions. The project is an all or nothing Kickstarter that ends on February 5th, so head over and donate now to help out the geek community and fund a cool new game!

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